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Wally is gone! Where the fuck is he now? After being turned into this dodgy sheets of paper...... Maybe you can draw him back onto them?

Packs available in these following sizes:
A6 PACK - 3 x A6 10x15cm sheets
20x20 PACK - 1 x 20x20cm sheets
A4 PACK - 1 x A4 31x21cm sheets

All sheets picked at random by our dodgy robot.

Batch Ingredients:
Where’s Wally : The Spectacular Poster Book
Where’s Wally : The Incredible Paper Chase
Small printed on offcuts of fine art papers donated by Hound and Bone www.houndandbone.com.au

Each sheet is 100% hand soaked, chunked, machine pulped, hand pulled, hand pressed and hand harvested.

Postage rates:
Within AUS : $3 FLAT RATE
Anywhere else: $8 FLAT

  • 3 x A6 SHEETS 100%
  • 1 x 20x20 SHEETS 100%
  • 1 x A4 SHEETS 100%