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This Dodgy SUPERFINE(ISH) is pulped for an extended amount of time creating a stronger, finer and dodgier sheet of paper. But this batch turned out a bit chunkier. Its still fine.... just dodgy at the same time.

It's smooooooth - ish.
It's definitely dodgy!
It's ready to be ARTED on.

Packs available in these following sizes:
A4 PACK - 2 x A4 31x21cm sheets

All sheets picked at random by our dodgy robot.

Pulping Time: 34 mins

Batch Ingredients:
1/2 x Introduction to Biology Book Pages from SAM4S Operation / Manual

Each sheet is 100% hand soaked, chunked, machine pulped, hand pulled, hand pressed and hand harvested.

Postage rates:
Within AUS : $3 FLAT RATE
Anywhere else: $8 FLAT

  • 2 x A4 SHEETS 30%