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Come get dodgy and pulpy with us for a 2 hour paper making workshop!
Bring along scrap paper, an old magazine, book, or anything that is or was paper and
we will help you turn them into new sheets of dodgy, recycled, hand-made artists paper.

Workshop Proceedings:
- Introduction to Dodgy Paper Making
- Soaking and preparing scraps
- Hand chunking and pulping
- Using a blender to make a pulp slurry
- Using a mould and deckle
- Pulling sheets
- Drying / Flattening process

You get to keep all the sheets you make on the day, plus a BONUS Dodgy Paper Sample Pack of dry sheets to get creative on!

WHEN: 1pm - 3pm on Sunday the 22nd OCT

WHERE: The Stockroom, Shop 2, Civic Place, Ringwood
* Where the Dodgy Art Show 2 is currently on show. We will be packing up the show after the workshop, so it's also the last day to see all the amazing works on dodgy paper.


$45 Per Person
Limited to 10 people.

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